Keen on Great Sound – My Focusrite Scarlett 18i6 and VRM Box Review

Keen on Great Sound – My Focusrite Scarlett 18i6 and VRM Box Review





In cultures,music has always played a pivotal role. As avid music fan, I had been looking for some musical equipment to brighten up the recording quality of the music I create. After a lot of search in the internet, keeping my needs in mind along with my budget, I finally decided to go with two products of a same company. I will be sharing the experience with those products below but first let me tell you some basic information about the company. The company is Focusrite, it’s a audio system manufacturer from Britain. The company was founded, in 1985 and they have a good collection of products in the market at competitive prices. But the products that I bought were Scarlett 18i6 and VRM box both from Focusrite Company.

Focusrite Scarlett 18i6

After searching for some time when I finally decided to buy this thing I was very excited. After opening and after going through the manual I finally connected it to my laptop for use. All I can say afterwards was it is worth every penny. Remember it’s a sub $500 USB interface, so I can say that after seeing its performance it is a clear winner. There are a lot of options in sub $500 interface category, so I was cautious with my choice but I knew the product was from good company so I took the chance.

Look and Feel:
It’s good for home users as it has reasonable size, its height and depth are both in range that makes it look nice and compact, though it is not bus powered there is no requirement of break out cables. The looks on the front are also decent, all the controls are smooth in operation, very responsive, can be easily handled and neatly placed. Now the design is not something that many people may look in these things, but it is a big thing if you have worked on a device which was poor on this part.

The most important thing is how it sounds and the answer is great. The recordings are clean, detailed and low noise. I had worked on other interfaces at various places and I can vouch that the differences were not that noticeable, some of the interfaces were way costlier than this. So its performance is way above its league. There are bundled plugins also which are good bonus.

Focusrite VRM Box
After using this for sometime I have realized that this is what I had been looking for to find out how my work sounds like in different scenarios.

The power and importance of this device I realized when I plugged it for first time and put on my headphones. I found that there were many flaws in my recordings which I used to find at later stages but with this device I recognized them at very early stage. What I mean is this device can show you how your mixes will sound in big speakers, even when you are listening in headphones. So, you can easily save a lot of embarrassment related to a bad mix.

Ease of Use:
It works really good and very easy to use also. Surfing through various environments is a breeze. Checking your sounds and recordings in early stages can save you a lot of embarrassments and it is very easy using this device.